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At Bryan Management Services, we deliver solutions that grow businesses. 

Our team of experienced, proven business executives, project managers, and coaches provide creative solutions that help you build a stronger team. With our support, you can deliver better quality with more efficiency. We focus on identifying the right opportunities to provide tailored support through custom training, coaching, and consulting, making your team more capable, agile, and competitive.

From operation requirements through procurement and program execution, BMS helps agencies create strategies, streamline services, and meet various business goals. Our consultants and support team bring a variety of perspectives and business experience to include Federal, State, and small local organizations. We deliver results, maximize profits, produce quality and create change for our clients.

Our core competencies provide you with solutions.

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✔ Training & Development to Build Teams with Sustainable Skills

✔ Integrated Consultant Services to Find Opportunities to Apply Skills

✔ Project Management Support to Put Progress into Action

✔ Acquisition & Contract Management Support for End-to-End Solutions

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“The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients”
– Matt Odgers

100% Woman and Veteran-Owned Small Business

Lead to Succeed with Support from an Accomplished, Self-Driven Management Consultant

Founder & CEO

Doris Bryan, Ed.D., CPCM, PMP – A leader recognized for spearheading innovative initiatives to increase revenues, reduce costs, and enhance the contract experience.

“My drive to succeed is contagious. I’m a relentless advocate for efficiency. And I’m a proven leader offering experience-based advice with a genuine heart for helping organizations perform better.” 
–Doris Bryan, Founder & CEO

Doris Bryan has well-rounded expertise in project leadership, training and development, budget management, agile processes, and change management in both public and private sectors. She has worked with the Federal Treasury, Homeland Security, and Veteran Acquisition Institutes. 

■ Project Management Professional (PMP)

■ Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM)

■ DiSC Facilitator

■ PMI Authorized Instructor

■ Master Certificate in Government & Agile Contract Management

■ Advanced Contract Management Certification

■ Master Business Skills Certifications

■ Masters Business Administration (MBA)

At BMS, We Love Collaboration

Nobody knows your business as well as you do. Our team of qualified coaches and instructors are here to work with you, providing developmental support that is tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Debi Christensen,
Communication & Leadership Coach
Debi is a communication strategist who focuses on helping aspiring and experienced leaders express themselves more clearly in writing or when speaking. She coaches individuals, teams and organizations in how to build a robust and consistent brand. Her career background includes extensive experience in management, leadership and entrepreneurial risk-taking. She also is a Distinguished Toastmaster, an iPEC Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner and holds an M.Ed.

Tonitia Langley | Coach, Consultant, Curriculum Developer
Tonitia brings an impressive record of leadership, management and coaching expertise in personality assessment and evaluation, educational counseling, and curriculum development. Tonitia is a seasoned coach, mentor and trainer, who helps entry and mid-level employees as well as division heads develop actionable strategies that achieve sustainable results. Tonitia has 20+ years of experience as a solutions-oriented Education Consultant, Manager and trainer, designing and implementing professional development career readiness and team building workshops.

Michael R. Van Dyke MFA, PMP| DiSC Facilitator, Consultant, Senior Instructor
Michael is a 25-year veteran in the commercial, government, and non-profit sectors as a certified coach (NCC) and consultant. He brings a fresh approach to objective-based classroom learning in operational management.

LaTosha French | Diversity Coach,  Consultant, Senior Instructor
LaTosha is an experienced professional in sales, marketing, and communications with more than 20 years of experience as a mentor and coach. Her areas of expertise include financial management, process improvement, and teambuilding.

Kimberly Lovelady, MPH, LMSW| Wellness Coach, Consultant, Senior Instructor
Kimberly is a licensed clinician specializing in integrative medicine and brainspotting therapy. She has helped more than 1,000 patients overcome stress, burnout, and chronic anxiety to become more effective in the workplace.

Joye Jackson |
Corporate Coach, Consultant, Senior Instructor 
Joye is a transformational speaker and coach who is known for her authenticity, timely messages, and ability to take audiences on a journey as they discover the inspiration within themselves to move to action. She has nearly two decades’ experience in learning and development, project management, strategic planning, and communication – especially in leading the initiatives for revamping an organization’s mission, vision, values, and community efforts. She is also a DiSC-certified consultant.


Brenda L. Dilts, MSA, PMP, JCTC/JCDC| Coach, Consultant, Senior Facilitator
Brenda is a senior facilitator with 24 years of experience in project, operational, and strategic management. She provides experience-based curriculum development support and learning facilitation with a focus on emotional intelligence development for effective communication.

Pam Hill | Corporate Coach, Consultant, Senior Instructor
Pam gained her experience in CEO and CFO roles at a Fortune 500 company and a 20+ year track record of coaching, mentoring and developing employees at all levels of organizations. Pam will guide you through the process of finding an authentic voice with thoughtful questions and insights to showcase your unique value proposition. She is a former energy executive and a long-time advocate of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Our team is here to help you build pillars of support for the future of work—beginning with your people.