Professional Development for Educators

Unlock potential with expert training, personalized coaching and proven methods.

The average teacher works more than 50 hours weekly. Less than half that time is spent teaching.

What do teachers do with their other 25+ hours each week? They score papers and provide feedback, work on committees, analyze data, plan lessons, provide behavior interventions, and communicate with parents.

We help them do it better.

Bryan Management Services helps teachers:

  • Improve classroom instruction and student learning
  • Develop new skills, refine existing practices, and implement effective teaching strategies
  • Work with students exhibiting challenging behaviors

Campus and district leaders often find themselves with more to do than day to do it in. While many school leaders have access to training, they often need management support and personalized coaching.

Bryan Management Services equips leaders with:

  • Communication and relationship-building skill
  • Knowledge to manage a school effectively
  • Ways to support teachers in professional growth

Committed to supporting teachers at every level.