Considering and Preparing For the New PMP 7th Edition Exam

  • Posted on Apr 18, 2023

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an unbiased proof of a person’s project management abilities and expertise. It is recognized all over the world. Project managers who acquire the PMP report better career opportunities and higher credibility. They can work in nearly any industry or location and have leverage to negotiate larger salaries.

 The PMP was created as a guide for prospective project managers meant to assess and prove their ability to perform well and handle the duties of the position. The credential has continuously evolved since it was established as different versions of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) are released, as this serves as the certification exam’s main reference guide. Although the 7th edition of the PMBOK guide was released on August 1, 2021, the PMP Exam itself has not changed and will continue to be based on the Exam Content Outline (ECO). The ECO summarizes the research conducted to create the PMP exam. It includes the most vital tasks required for project managers to master their roles.

Are you considering the PMP?

 The certification is designed for experienced project managers who can perform their job duties under supervision and direct their teams to complete projects based on the budget, schedule, resources, and deadlines. Candidates should also be able to display the ability to keep up with projects that have well-defined deliverables and requirements. The Project Management Institute has strict procedures and criteria for granting the PMP certifications. If you think your skills could help you earn the certification, you should begin preparing for the exam.

 The exam process consists of 200 multiple choice questions that you must answer within four hours. Once you pass the exam, you will be required to earn 60 professional development units every three years to maintain your certification.

 Qualifying for the exam takes experience, and preparing for it requires hours of study and dedication, but it is a small investment that can be life-changing. It can help you score a better more fulfilling job, a higher salary, and a more enjoyable, more successful career.

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