What is a DiSC Assessment and Why Does Your Team Need Them?

  • Posted on Apr 18, 2023

A DiSC Assessment is a behavior assessment that aims to help people understand their leadership styles and improve teamwork in the workplace. The DiSC factors- Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Compliance- explain how we interact with others and help to improve communication, productivity, and teamwork in the workplace. The assessment allows people to better understand themselves and those with whom they interact, and with this knowledge, they can them reduce workplace conflicts and improve working relationships.

 By definition, a workplace is an area where diverse people from different backgrounds and with various character traits work together to achieve a common goal. While each employee plays an integral part of the whole, it is important to understand that each employee is an individual with specific traits, talents, and habits, and understanding these characteristics is vital for a workplace that operates seamlessly.

 There are several reasons to consider DiSC assessments for your employees.

 DiSC personality profiles help explain AND tailor communication. This assessment reveals peoples’ communication styles, and this increased understanding can dramatically improve your interactions with team members and the team’s overall ability to function as a cohesive unit.

DiSC helps build emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence- the ability to recognize emotions (either yours or someone else’s) and to choose how to respond- allows a person to understand how their emotions influence their actions. DiSC measures behavior- not emotions- but identifying which behaviors cause a person stress or motivation can give insight into their emotional responses.

 DiSC helps you assign the right roles to the right employees. Some people excel as leaders, while others thrive on teams. Some employees prefer long-term assignments and projects, while others like quicker, shorter work. DiSC helps to uncover how people prefer to work and the roles in which they perform best so you can optimize their performance.

 DiSC is an effective training tool. Training new and existing employees can be a challenge. People are often afraid to be honest during training and team-building exercises for fear of being judged. The DiSC assessment levels the playing field by offering objective information that can be non-judgmentally used to teach and learn more effectively.

 By creatively incorporating the DiSC assessment into your organization’s training initiatives, you develop a better understanding of your employees, which can lead to increased productivity across the board for every team member. If you’re wondering how you can more effectively communicate with employees, how you can motivate people to work together cohesively, or how to raise workplace morale, consider implementing the DiSC assessment into your training initiatives.

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