Training Options

Build Your Skills, Grow Your Team

Our custom professional development programs offer flexible group learning solutions that fit into the flow of work so that you can develop new capabilities without giving up your time.

Instructor-led Group Training

An optimal solution for cross-training and peer learning, this traditional instructor-led delivery format builds an enduring learning network of subject matter experts. Students get real-time access to an instructor, receive immediate feedback and gain hands-on experience.

Self-Paced eLearning On-Demand

For individuals who want to maximize their time management skills, on-demand e-learning fits most schedules. Self-paced learning is a scalable and convenient solution for busy teams or the individual looking to learn a new skill. Self-paced learning offers an expedited onboarding process anytime, anywhere. Set your schedule, go your pace, and see how much you can accomplish!

Hybrid Training Solutions

Combining the best of both worlds, hybrid training encourages team collaboration and individualized participation. Participants join discussions and explore real-world case studies in a flexible format tailored to business needs and aligned to adult learning needs.

BMS Provides Flexible Learning Opportunities Delivered with Your Needs in Mind

Flex and Grow Professionally

Our online courses present the conceptual knowledge and real-world application needed in today’s workplace. The added benefit of our remote learning courses is their availability — anytime, anywhere.

Science-Based Curriculum

Our approach to designing learning begins with evidence-based study in cognitive science. We start with understanding how the human mind perceives and retains information. As a result, we build custom courses that fit your time and mind.

Experience-Led Instruction

Effective learning opportunities all have one thing in common–they bridge conceptual knowledge with real-world application. That’s why we take the time to hand-select proven professionals with decades of experience in business, finance, and communication and equip them with facilitation skills to provide high-impact learning opportunities that quickly achieve a good return on your investment.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

No time? No problem.
Our self-paced courses provide the flexibility to fit bite-sized learning opportunities into your workflow. When you prioritize career growth, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to fit in a few minutes of learning between meetings.

BMS Combines Best Practices in Professional Development with Customized Learning Solutions

BMS Customizes Every Professional Development Training to Your Team’s Needs 

Customize Your Professional Growth

BMS custom courses are ILT (Instructor-Led Training) or iVLT (internet-Virtual-Led Training). ILT on-site training can be held at a Bryan Management Services location or a customer site for additional fees. Our blended workshops include self-paced, accredited, instructor-led course options. Most courses are just one day long. However, mixing and matching our customizable workshops can shorten or lengthen the workshops. 

Our tailored content courses allow you to earn the Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) needed for demonstrated career growth.