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Continuing Education Units or Training Certificates?

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to stay ahead in your career. CEUs are essential for professionals seeking to:

  • Enhance skills and knowledge.
  • Stay competitive and informed.
  • Invest in professional development.

Training certificates validate your expertise and are crucial for professional advancement. These certificates signify successful completion of specialized courses, and they showcase your commitment to acquiring specific skills. Professionals need training certificates to:

  • Verify their credibility. 
  • Stand out in a competitive job market.
  • Demonstrate relevance.  


Why hire a management consulting company?

Organizations hire management consulting companies because they want an outside eye when making decisions. Consultants bring new and innovative ideas. They have specialized skills that help solve problems and meet organizational goals, such as:

  • Filling short-term staffing needs
  • Filling interim roles until  permanent staff is placed
  • Completing assignments that require highly-specialized knowledge and experience
  • Staffing for projects that are outside the core of your business offerings
  • Meeting requirements for audits, assessments, and surveys
  • Buying products and services that are already developed and proven to meet business needs

What makes BMS different from other training providers?

We tailor the learning approach by customizing your team or individual learning experiences through an in-person and online multi-modal approach.

BMS creates transformative learning experiences that help learners and organizations meet their education goals through high quality and engaging training. BMS and our partners are established in the academia community and industry, which allows us to develop content and courses that balance academic excellence with real-world practice. 

Who develops and creates BMS content?

We gather the best in content (courses, programs, books, test prep) from academic experts, business practitioners, authors, journalists, and others with an interest in workplace issues and solutions. Our subject matter experts and course designers have deep experience in teaching adults and understand how to communicate and educate both in face-to-face settings and online.

What’s included in your self-paced on demand courses?

Set Your Schedule, Go Your Pace
Our self-paced, private professional development programs offer the same flexibility as our customized workshops, with one added benefit: you take the courses at your convenience.
BMS offers any combinations of courses and certificates. Check out our professional development and continuing education catalog.

Do you offer Certificate Programs? 

Our certificate programs are specialized curricula designed for students in search of a specific body of knowledge for personal/career development or professional continuing education. These programs allow students to take one year or less to study a field that interests them, developing usable professional skills. All of our certificate programs are self-paced on demand. Many of these courses can be tailored to an Instructor-Led blended learning solution, booked for groups of 8 to 25 students.

What are some professional skills courses provided by BMS?

Professional skills courses are typically offered in business fields, and they provide students a leg up to enter or re-enter a career in business or technology. These continuing education courses are popular because they are easy to take, offer practical information and can be used to find a job or advance within a career. Students can choose to focus in areas such as:

  • Cyber Security
  • Leadership and Management
  • Project Management
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Health & Wellness / Work-Life Balance

Can BMS develop customized blended learning courses?

Allow BMS to create a workshop that meets your training initiatives. We offer strategic consultation with both in-person and live-online courses using a flexible design to meet your development needs. Our delivery model is cost-effective and completely customizable — packed with administrative support.

We specialize in blended learning training solutions. Providing qualified instructor-facilitators (an academic or industry expert) for either face-to-face classroom, blended, or online experiences.

Blended learning starts with the classic, in-person learning, then supplementing the time students spend in a physical classroom with online learning material. This combination of physical classroom attendance and tech-driven, online learning goes a long way toward engaging our learners.

What is included in your customized blended training courses?

  • Subject Matter Expert Instruction
  • Case Studies
  • Reinforced Learning
  • Diversity, Leadership, or Wellness Coaching (additional cost)
  • Participant Workbook / Reflection Journal
  • PowerPoint Slide Presentation
  • Access to review online course material 90 to 180 days, take a test and earn continuing education credits. 

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