Training with Purpose

Leveraging Talent Sourcing Techniques: A Guide 

  • Posted on Feb 7, 2024

Leveraging talent has become a prime concern for employers, and retaining top talent challenges corporations and federal agencies alike.   Half of all employees in the U.S. would consider leaving their current employer. With competition for skilled professionals growing fiercer, agencies must explore innovative approaches to talent sourcing.  One approach involves widening external and internal talent pools through practical training and ... Read More

How a Career Strategist Helps Agencies and Businesses Leverage Individual Development Plans

  • Posted on Jan 31, 2024

Federal government agencies and businesses face the challenge of nurturing talent while navigating budget constraints and evolving skill requirements.  One powerful tool that can address these challenges head-on is the Individual Development Plan (IDP). From the perspective of both employees and leadership, IDPs can serve as invaluable roadmaps for personal and organizational growth, fostering a culture ... Read More

Strategic Training Approaches to Bridge the Skills Gap and Foster Employee Growth

  • Posted on Jan 9, 2024

Staying ahead in business requires a proactive approach to address the ever-widening skills gap. As your organization adapts to challenges, mandates, and technological advancements, the need to reskill your workforce becomes paramount.  Recognizing the essential skills your employees require is the first step, but the real challenge lies in effectively creating, delivering, and supporting training ... Read More