Communication Skills

Investing in People: Why Soft Skills Drive Efficiency

  • Posted on Jul 7, 2024

Every year, we get asked the same soft skills question: “How can I maximize my investment in people on my team?” Federal and business budgets operate on a tightrope, with every dollar needing to deliver maximum impact. Some organizations will be spending down their budgets soon and preparing for the upcoming fiscal year. As budget ... Read More

Strong Communicators, Stronger Teams

  • Posted on May 22, 2024

Your professional development program depends on one key ingredient for success: strong communication skills. Effective communication is the cornerstone of training and career growth. It propels individual success and drives teamwork to exceptional heights. While talent and skillsets are crucial, communication skills are the bridge that connects to goal achievement. Communication: The Fuel for Growth ... Read More

The Art of the Difficult Conversation: Employee Disagreement in the Workplace

  • Posted on Apr 3, 2024

Employee disagreement in the workplace can be scary. Supervisors and leadership often try to avoid conflict because it conjures up negative connotations. Confrontations can become disagreeable, sometimes leading to shouting matches and hurt feelings. Not all conflict, however, is destructive. A difference of opinion can spark innovation, but only if you’re willing to put avoidance ... Read More