Burnout Prevention Program

We heard you, and we’ve got you. No one wants to attend another silo workshop – the kind where you give up an afternoon or a whole day for an isolated training.

We’re different.

We’re a program.

We’re with you the whole way.

Burnout is real.

Persistent and pervasive stress in the workplace can create burnout.

Burnout is a medically-recognized syndrome that takes a tremendous toll on physical and mental health, and it can negatively affect financial health as well, as workers take time away from work or quiet-quit.

Some never return to work.

Learn How to Recognize the Causes

Workplace burnout is the result of multiple causes.

Emotional stress, insomnia and exhaustion impact almost every industry, creating a critical need for intervention.

A Program, Not Another One-Time Training

Classroom time by itself isn’t enough.

That’s why our burnout prevention strategy program extends beyond the traditional sit-and-get training.

We believe that the most effective training and development opportunities offer more than a single workshop. Our comprehensive program cultivates a learning community committed to employee and workplace success. We help you recognize burnout symptoms and develop a plan for mitigating them.

Our Burnout Prevention Program provides a three-plank approach: awareness, individual coaching and multiple intervention therapies, such as cosmetic therapy. We also help you:

  • recognize symptoms and take action for self-care
  • communicate boundaries with clarity
  • work with a coach who will help you set new habits and achieve the best version of yourself

Choose from onsite, virtual and offsite workshops.

Learn to:

Validate and value

Trust your talent

Thrive . . . and help others do the same