Empower Your Workforce: Build a Knowledge Repository for Business Success

  • Posted on Apr 17, 2024

In most business landscapes, information is king.  However, with knowledge scattered across emails, documents, and individual minds, accessing the right information at the right time can be challenging. You need a knowledge repository – a centralized hub for capturing, storing, and sharing critical organizational knowledge. Why Build a Knowledge Repository? Building a knowledge repository offers ... Read More

Fostering Growth: Why Federal Agencies Need a Systemic Learning Culture for PMIAA Success

  • Posted on Apr 12, 2024

Federal agencies today face unprecedented challenges that require them to maintain efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness. Focusing strongly on the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI) standards and best practices, particularly the Project Management Institute Agile Institute (PMIAA), has become crucial. However, more than simply implementing frameworks is required.  Success hinges on cultivating a ... Read More

The Art of the Difficult Conversation: Employee Disagreement in the Workplace

  • Posted on Apr 3, 2024

Employee disagreement in the workplace can be scary. Supervisors and leadership often try to avoid conflict because it conjures up negative connotations. Confrontations can become disagreeable, sometimes leading to shouting matches and hurt feelings. Not all conflict, however, is destructive. A difference of opinion can spark innovation, but only if you’re willing to put avoidance ... Read More

Why We Shy Away From Workplace Confrontation and How to Embrace It

  • Posted on Mar 26, 2024

Confrontation.  The word conjures images of raised voices, slammed doors, and a tense atmosphere.  No wonder it’s a scenario where most leaders and employees try to avoid confrontation in the workplace. But here’s the secret: handled professionally, confrontation isn’t a battle; it’s an opportunity for growth. Why We Shy Away From Workplace Confrontation There are ... Read More