Monthly Archives: December 2023

Entrepreneurship Lessons Learned in 2023

  • Posted on Dec 28, 2023

Business ownership can be chaotic, making it easy to lose sight of one’s principles. However, 2023 taught me to keep sight of what’s important and appreciate the entrepreneurship lessons learned. This year has helped me rediscover the importance of self-respect as a business owner. It’s also allowed me to reflect on acknowledging and honoring my ... Read More

The Role of Career Coaches in Maximizing Professional Growth

  • Posted on Dec 19, 2023

Like many employees in your organization, you’ve had training and development opportunities this year. However, that may be only the beginning of your professional growth. What thoughts have you given on improving your career performance in 2024? Many growth-seeking professionals find the services of career coaches invaluable. These coaches provide personalized guidance, helping individuals set and ... Read More

The Transformative Power of Nonprofit Board Service

  • Posted on Dec 13, 2023

Are you tired of a world that often seems consumed by self-interest and material pursuits?  You can change that. Joining a nonprofit board can be a profound and fulfilling way to impact your community and beyond. Nonprofit board service offers a unique opportunity to contribute your skills, expertise, and passion to a cause you believe ... Read More

The Crucial Role of Training and Development for Nonprofit Boards

  • Posted on Dec 5, 2023

This previous quarter, the nonprofit board of the Beacon Foundation convened, their diverse backgrounds converging with a common purpose – steering the organization toward success.  Each member brought forth their unique expertise, creating a symphony of ideas. The executive director presented a bold proposal to expand outreach programs, addressing the board’s critical decision. Passionate debates ... Read More